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I have a strange problem ... I have two projects in Xcode: PR1 and PR2. PR2 is linked in PR1. In the PR2 i have class and some "extensions class". In PR1 i use some extensions methods. I have no compilation errors but when I call these methods have a sigabrt ... I do not find these methods! And 'I do not understand the strange and reason whatsoever.

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If your PR2 creates static libraries you may be interested in looking at this detailed post. The short answer is try the following compilation flags:

-all_load Loads all members of static archive libraries.

-ObjC Loads all members of static archive libraries that implement an Objective-C class or category.

-force_load (path_to_archive) Loads all members of the specified static archive library. Note: -all_load forces all members of all archives to be loaded. This option allows you to target a specific archive.

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Try to enable NSZombiesEnabled.

In Xcode 4.x: Press ⌥⌘R; From the tab "Info | Arguments | Diagnostics" select Diagnostics and click "Enable Zombie Objects"

Also, please post more codes related to SIGABRT.

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