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I had been using struts 2, but for few reasons i am shifting (back) to Struts 1 . I would like to know major diffrences between them like about programatic availabilities and general flows.

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I hope the only reason you're going back to Struts 1 is because your company is making you--there is no way in which it is a preferred option from a technical/productivity standpoint. –  Dave Newton Nov 4 '11 at 14:31
@DaveNewton agree with you since i myself can see reason to go for struts2 from struts1 but not vice-versa. –  Umesh Awasthi Nov 4 '11 at 15:12
"I had been using Windows XP, but for few reasons I am shifting (back) to Windows 3.1. I would like to know major differences between them..." –  Steven Benitez Nov 4 '11 at 20:47
Yes,i know Struts 2 is more powerful than Struts 1, but the project i've got is in Struts 1. that's why i was just looking for differences....@Steven What is that..??? –  Nils Nov 14 '11 at 4:29

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Here is a quick and complete answer. In other words, if you can, forget Struts and use only Struts2...

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Let us see the component and functional differences between struts 1.x and struts 2.x

 In struts 1.x front controller is ActionServlet
    In 2.x front controller is FilterDispatcher

In struts 1.x we have RequestProcessor class
    In 2.x we have Interceptors instead RequestProcessor will see about this concept later just remember as of now

In struts 1.x we have multiple tag libraries like, html, logic, bean..etc
    In 2.x we do not have multiple libraries, instead we have single library which includes all tags

In struts 1.x the configuration fine name can be [any name].xml and we used to place in web-inf folder
    In 2.x the configuration file must be struts.xml only and this must be in classes folder

In struts 1.x we have form beans and Action classes separately
    In 2.x form bean, Action classes are combinedly given as Action class only, of course we can take separately if we want ;)

In struts 1.x properties file must be configured in struts-config.xml
    But in 2.x we need to configure our resource bundle(s) in struts.properties file

In struts 1.x we have programmatic and declarative validations only
    In 2.x we have annotations support too along with programmatic and declarative validations

Functional Differences

In struts 1.x declarative validations are done by using validation frame work
    In 2.x, declarative validations are done by using xwork2 frame work by webwork the reason being, its support valuations through Annotations

In struts 1.x an Action class is a single ton class, so Action class object is not a thread safe, as a programmer we need to make it as thread safe by applying synchronization
    In 2.x an Action class object will be created for each request, so it is by default thread safe, so we no need to take care about safety issues here

In struts 1.x we have only jsp as a view technology
    In 2.x we have support of multiple view technologies like velocity, Freemarker, jasper reports, jsp bla bla

In struts 1.x Action class is having servlet dependency, because in execute() method accepts req, res parameter right ! so.
    In 2.x Action class doesn’t have any servlet dependency, because its execute() method doesn’t accepts any parameters, however we can access all servlet objects with dependency injection
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what are the reasons which forced you to go back to struts1 which is no more in active development?

may be some one can help you here in solving your reasons regarding differences go through the following thread Struts2 Vs Struts1

i also suggest you to search SO for more details. what i know Struts2 design and workflow is entirety different than struts1 and it was developed taken in to account also the limitations struts1 have.

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