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I an facing issue with my servicestack implementation, i have make followings requests url to call my service and implemented one perfmon class & perfmonservice class


Now when i will call any of the URL it would call following function

 public override object OnGet(Perfmon request)
                return base.OnGet(request);

so how can i decide here that which URL made this call , weather servicestack provide any specific way to do this or i need to write manual logic by checking properties?

Thanks in Advance

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Just inspect the request DTO to see which fields are populated, i.e.

if (request.applicationId != null && request.countername != null) #2
if (request.userId != null && request.countername != null) #4
if (request.applicationId != null) #1
if (request.userid != null) #3

Also note that the user can populate the request dto with the querystring as well, i.e. if they called you with:


Then all fields will be populated. Lastly you can retrieve information about the Request with like the Absolute URI used to call the request with:


Finally you can get the IHttpRequest object itself with:

var httpReq = base.Request; //or with base.RequestContext.Get<IHttpRequest>();
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Thanks for your help – Arun Rana Nov 5 '11 at 5:19

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