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Is there an option to select the (Default) Language for all forms and usercontrols in a solution or in multiple projects using visual studio or a macro.

Opening an user control and editing the layout can lead to multiple languages having different layouts of important controls. Forcing the language back to default makes sure you'll never edit the language specific layouts.

I'll add another question, is it possible disable the option to move/resize controls in different languages and let the location always come from the Default language

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This doesn't work. You'll change the layout for the default language but it will still be wrong for a localized language. Localizing the Location and Size properties is important, certainly languages can be "wordy", requiring a bigger control. Only localize when you're done with the design of the form. Editing the .resx file with a text editor and deleting the lines that set the location and size is a possible workaround. Be careful with that. –  Hans Passant Nov 4 '11 at 12:35
We're using two languages English and Dutch. The word sizes and wordiness are pretty much the same. So if we remove the position and size data from the resource files we're good to go. It's just too bad we have to notice the differences and fix them, preventing the possibility of mistakes would come in handy here. –  CodingBarfield Nov 4 '11 at 13:12

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