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I have an app that I deploy using GIT. When I want to update the files on my server I do a simple git pull to get the latest version of the app from the GitHub repo. The thing is I sort of want to serve all static content from my Amazon S3 account but want these files to be in sync with the version on the main server.


  1. When I git pull my project from GitHub how can I pull these files to my S3 account?
  2. If I want to switch version on my server (via a tag) how can this then be mirrored on my S3 account?
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Did you ever decide on how to do this? – tofutim Sep 9 '14 at 20:38

Ah, welcome to the world of content versioning.

This is not a GIT question, but actually a common problem when trying to sync static content served from one location to versioned content (from source control) served from a different location.
A common usecase is a website with both dynamic and static content.
A random example is hotels.com. If you inspect the pictures on the front page you will see URLs such as this one. Obviously the name of this resource is auto-generated by an Asset Manager.

We use Django and Python for some tasks, hence the usage of Django Mediagenerator. We generate a versioned-named directory of static files which we upload to S3.

As you can see from this comparison, there are plenty of other options out there!
As a bonus for using asset managers you also get compression, obfuscation, merging etc.

In a different part of the application we manually version the files. I auto-calculate a python module of file hashes (a hash per each static file). I upload the static files to S3 while renaming the files to append the MD5 hash of their content. This way some_file.txt becomes some_file_123123123123.txt on S3 and I can download the specific version of the file from S3. The module with the hashes is stored in source control (GIT).

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I think, Git hooks should do what you want. Maybe post-checkout (for switching tags) or post-merge (for pulling) are sufficient. You would then have to write a bash script, which copies your static files to your S3 and execute that bash script in the hooks.

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You might find this useful, in case you use PHP for your application (otherwise this code can be adapted to your needs): https://github.com/SupersonicAds/git-hook-php-s3-files-revisions

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