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I want to add counters to the URL, when it is displayed.


*text= ref

PHP & MySql

Detail pic: http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/5233/downloadclick.png

how can i do? Thank you.

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$click = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['click']);

mysql_query ("insert into table (field1, field2, field3) values (1, 2, '".$click."');
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Thank you so much for answer,"Header" I added but the page was white. <?php mysql_connect("localhost", "----", "----") or die(mysql_error()); echo "Connected to MySQL<br />"; $click = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['click']); mysql_query ("insert into table (field1, field2, field3) values (1, 2, '".$click."'); ?> –  Emre Saraçoğlu Nov 4 '11 at 10:16
You didn't literally put that in your script, right? You have to alter the query to match your table structure. For the white page, enable error reporting. –  CodeCaster Nov 4 '11 at 10:19
I don't see you enabling error reporting. Click the link I posted. I expect people I help to try something for theirself too. Edit the SQL statement to match your table structure. If you don't know how, please go see some SQL tutorials. –  CodeCaster Nov 4 '11 at 10:38
I think i can not .. Again thank you for your interest. –  Emre Saraçoğlu Nov 4 '11 at 10:54

If your table structure is like :

  `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `clic` varchar(60) NOT NULL,
  `count` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `text` (`clic`)

You can use :

// connect to mysql server
mysql_connect ('localhost', 'user', 'password') or die('connexion failed');
// select the database
mysql_select_db ( 'thedatabase' ) or die('db select failed');
// update the value
$res = mysql_query('UPDATE `table` SET count=count+1  WHERE clic="yep" ') or die(mysql_error());

But, the row must exists before.

Also your table structure should avec the searched col to be indexed for performance issus. ( UNIQUE KEY `text` (`text`) ).

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Thank you for answer, What is the URL query? Database not updating. –  Emre Saraçoğlu Nov 4 '11 at 10:56
Answer updated. | the url was whatever.com/the_url.php?clic=something. Is there a row with clic="yep" in your database ? –  7seb Nov 4 '11 at 11:03
Please check 7seb; img802.imageshack.us/img802/460/downloadclick2.png –  Emre Saraçoğlu Nov 4 '11 at 11:29
I think it's not good to change the question while you get answers. You better post a new question. Later readers won't understand anything. –  7seb Nov 4 '11 at 11:37
Okey, thank you so much for interst. –  Emre Saraçoğlu Nov 4 '11 at 11:49

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