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I have Xcode 4.2 and whenever I run my app in the simulator and I press the stop debugging button, I get a sigkill message. The breakpoint stops in the main.m file at this line:

int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, nil);

I know that when I force quit the app (from xcode's stop button) it would make sense to receive this, but I dont receive this when I do the same thing on my other apps. Sometimes I get a random sigkill message when I run the app (probably memory related, but I haven't found it yet)

Any suggestions?

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Well, thats's somehow expected because a SIGKILL signal is really sent everyime you stop or relaunch the debugger.

You can try the band-aid solution explained here. In short:

  1. Open preferences and then Behaviors;
  2. Select "Run completes";
  3. Mark "Show tab" and fill the input with "Edit"
  4. Do the same with "Run exits unexpectedly"

About the random sigkills, maybe you should track references counting with Instruments. There's a section about it on the memory management guide if you will.

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Ohh cool, thanks for poiting this out. –  Andrei Erdei Dec 12 '11 at 14:14

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