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i have a HTML page having a attribute. When i insert the attribute named "control_label". When i assign a value "Enters Your Name" in this attribute everything is okay.

But when i try to add a value say " Enters Your Name" " having a single double quote the value of the attribute does not become Enters Your Name" . Even i tried a Escape character like Enters Your Name\" the value becomes Enters Your Name\ and not Enters Your Name".


Any help is appreciated.

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@Beetle952580 Thanks for posting duplicate comment after 3.5 years for an accepted answer. I don't doubt you are posting comment unnecessary :) –  Moons Apr 10 at 6:27

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HTML doesn't use \ to escape characters, it uses entities.

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You can use " instead of a backslash

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Instead is not the right word. –  Rok Kralj Nov 4 '11 at 10:27

Escape " as "

That will make browser not parse it.

value="Enter Your Name""
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