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i am implementing a few weeks now in Ruby. And what i want to do is read in a csv file, which i put then in a temporary file so i can access it in next views and manipulate the data. I have implemented everything like examples on the internet, but i always get the error : undefined method `original_filename' for nil:NilClass

My code in my view is:

<% form_for :dump, :url=>{:controller=>"project_importer", :action=>"match"}, :html => { :multipart => true } do |f| -%>
      <label for="dump_file">
        Select a CSV File :
     <td >
       <%= f.file_field :file -%>


and then in my controller i have:

file = params[:file]

   @original_filename = file.original_filename
    tmpfile = Tempfile.new("redmine_user_importer")
    if tmpfile
      tmpfilename = File.basename(tmpfile.path)
      if !$tmpfiles
        $tmpfiles = Hash.new
      $tmpfiles[tmpfilename] = tmpfile
      flash[:error] = "Cannot save import file."

I really don't know what i am doing wrong, i hope someone can help me out. The file param is not empty.

Thanks in advance!

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can you put the parameters that are incoming in the server log, please? –  jaydel Nov 4 '11 at 11:53
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instead of


Or print

<%= params.inspect %>

on the target page to inspect your params if this doesnt work.

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I tried the first option, but now i get the error: undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass. –  user1027319 Nov 4 '11 at 10:27
Is this allowed?: file = params[:dump][:file], because the error comes from this code –  user1027319 Nov 4 '11 at 10:48
Thanks it works now i Think, but i now have another issue, can you please take a look at: stackoverflow.com/questions/8008979/… ? Thanks –  user1027319 Nov 4 '11 at 12:09
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