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Let say I have a branch named feature/1. And also issue #1. I want to link that branch to that issue.

Is there a way to link that branch to that issue from the issue? without making a commit.

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Directly from github:


Certain references are auto-linked:

  • SHA: be6a8cc1c1ecfe9489fb51e4869af15a13fc2cd2
  • User@SHA ref: mojombo@be6a8cc1c1ecfe9489fb51e4869af15a13fc2cd2
  • User/Project@SHA: mojombo/god@be6a8cc1c1ecfe9489fb51e4869af15a13fc2cd2
  • #Num: #1
  • User/#Num: mojombo#1
  • User/Project#Num: mojombo/god#1

It seems that directly (as in user/repo/branch) is not possible, but maybe by using the id of the tree?

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I contacted Github's support and they told me it is not possible right now. –  Nerian Nov 4 '11 at 22:38
Really wish this was possible. A work around this would be to use pull requests (instead of directly pushing) and reference the issue from within the pull request. –  Olivier Lalonde Nov 17 '12 at 7:34
Hmm, makes sense as branch names aren't static but commits are. –  jonasfj Feb 9 '14 at 7:39

Note that from April 2013 ("Branch and Tag Labels For Commit Pages"):

  • Any commit can mention the branch it is part of:

branch part of commit

If the commit is not on the default branch, the indicator will show the branches which contain the commit. If the commit is part of an unmerged pull request, a link will be shown.

Link to pull request

That means referencing a commit from the issue will allow the user to see the branch (by looking at the commit), and even to see a link back to the issue (still by looking at the commit).

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You can't reference the branch directly.

But you can make a reference to a branch compared to another branch. If you enter this:


it will render as


Also, you can compare branches across forks. If user2 has forked repo, this works:

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As mentioned in another answer, GitHub automatically makes links to various things, including other GH repositories, but not to branches within those repositories. When I want to do this, I manually make the link like this:

[a link to a branch](/_user_/_project_/tree/_branch_)

Where _user_, _project_, and _branch_ should be replaced with the parts of the branch's URL. For example, a branch in GitHub's "linguist" project:

[api-changes branch in github/linguist](/github/linguist/tree/api-changes)

Important: The URL used here is relative and must begin with a slash (/). Do not change the tree part of the URL.

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