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I am developing windows service in .net using c# language. The service have to generate report in PDF format. The report should have graph in it. I like to know how can we create PDF file and add graph in it.

Thanks, P.Gopalakrishnan

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If you are willing to spend some buck, I would suggest going in for ABCPDF.Net from websupergoo. There are lots of examples included and the API is easy to use.

For charting, if you are open to using .Net 3.5, look at the System.Web.DataVisualization namespace. It offers all the features of Dundas Charts Professional edition. You may also want to take a look at zedgraph


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I'm using PDFsharp., which is an open source project. It supports charting, maybe it supports also the features you need.

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i have used this commercial websupergoo API for PDF generation and it was super simple to work upon. worth every penny spent.

For graphs you can implement any of the following controls :

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Best is you can use crystal Report, create graph on Crystal report and then export it to pdf

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I've been pretty happy using the Stimulsoft reporting engine. Supports Graphs and PDF output.

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For charting purposes, I came across the FF Chartwell font this week, seems like a great idea.. Might do what you want from a chart perspective, although I haven't tried it.

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I think that the fastest way is to create report in html and then convert it to pdf. You can use phantomjs or jsreport to convert html to pdf including all your charts. Charts can be done for example using jquery flot. This is possible because both mentioned technologies are also interpreting javascript.

Look at my post pdf reports in c# or more specifically at the post charts in pdf reports.

Disclaimer: I am the author of jsreport

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I am facing the same question, I also thought about transforming html to pdf, but the problem wkhtmltopdf fails alot of the times to render my html page.. – omriman12 Oct 7 '15 at 9:46

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