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    // resize myiframe base on content height
    $('.myiframe').contents().find('body').css({"min-height": "100", "overflow" : "hidden"});
    setInterval( "$('.myiframe').height($('.myiframe').contents().find('body').height() + 20)", 1 );

the above code will automatically resize the iframe's height based on content height. The problem is, how do I set the minimum height of the iframe to 500px, if the content height is less than 500px ?

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You can use Math.max().

setInterval( function(){
  var height = $('.myiframe').contents().find('body').height() + 20;
  $('.myiframe').height(Math.max(height, 500));
}, 1 );

PS. You've using setInterval which will run your code every millisecond until the page is unloaded. Change to setTimeout or use clearInterval.

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so how i'm going to apply Math.max() in the above code? i'm quite new with javascript/jquery –  softboxkid Nov 8 '11 at 1:04

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