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I have this code:

Synthesizer synthesizer = MidiSystem.getSynthesizer();
Instrument[] instrument = synthesizer.getDefaultSoundbank().getInstruments();
MidiChannel[] channels = synthesizer.getChannels();
MidiChannel channel = channels[1];
channel.noteOn(noteNumber, 127);

so this is an example, to play a sound in max volume (127) for 2 seconds. but i want to control the channel's volume, like after 2 seconds, the volume fade out in an another 2 seconds. How could I do that? I know these methods:

channel.controlChange(controller, value);
channel.setPolyPressure(noteNumber, pressure);

but these don't change any volume! I don't know how to use these methods, I can't find any example on the internet. please help me with an example, how could i change the channel's volume after the noteOn() while it has been playing. thank you!

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yes i know, but i didn't know, the "7" in the controlChange is the volume controller :) –  victorio Nov 4 '11 at 11:25
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You can use CC 7 for setting channel volume.

channel.controlChange(7, value);

see: http://improv.sapp.org/doc/class/MidiOutput/controllers/controllers.html

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thank you! it works!!! :) –  victorio Nov 4 '11 at 11:16
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