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I am using Google's Workspace Mechanic to configure my eclipse environment. All seems to work fine, except that for any fresh installation, the workspace mechanic opens up with a default location of its own (~/.eclipse/mechanic) to look for preference files.

As given in their documentation i tried including their code


in my plugin_customization.ini , but it does not work for me.

Does anyone have any other idea as to how to achieve this?

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Under Windows, I found that when using the recent Eclipse Juno and the latest Workspace Mechanic I had to do the following:

Edit the (Java EE):


and add the following line at the end:


in order for the plugin to recognize the above directory as the shared folder... The plugin preferences now correctly references the folder !

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Quite late, but I just needed the same configuration.

First locate your plugin_customization.ini (eg. 'find -name plugin_customization.ini' in your eclipse folder). I had two files with same name, located in org.eclipse.platform and org.eclipse.epp.package.jee.

For me, the jee one was relevant and you can configure it as JSON Array.


This example shows how to configure a folder (/tmp) and via http location.

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This does not work for me, Workspace Mechanics now has one entry "http\://server/mechanics/tasks.json","/tmp" –  Seega Feb 21 '14 at 10:12

The documentation is for Eclipse on Linux/Unix. If you are running Eclipse on Windows you will need a different path.

Another aproch is to put the preferencces in another file and point to that file from your eclipse.ini with a line such as


or eclipse startup with

eclipse -pluginCustomization /var/wsm/current/my.properties
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The following worked for me (for Eclipse Luna in Windows).

  1. Open the Luna/plugins folder
  2. Search for a folder that begins with org.eclipse.epp.package. (and I ended up with org.eclipse.epp.package.java_4.4.1.20140925-1820)
  3. Go inside that folder and edit plugin_customization.ini
  4. Append the following at the end (to point to \\sharedserver\share\DEV\Workspace-Prefs-Luna):

#Workspace Mechanic Settings com.google.eclipse.mechanic/mechanicSourceDirectories=\\\\\sharedserver\\share\\DEV\\Workspace-Prefs-Luna

  1. Save and Close the file
  2. Restart Eclipse
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