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I'm new in Qt quick app. (QML)

I wanna create dynamic image table(like in Samegame example) but it using thread to make real-time create by using workerScript.

How to using WorkerScript by Qt function can be passed between the new thread and the parent thread? or can import Qt func in javascript?


//main.qml import QtQuick 1.0

Rectangle {
    width: 800; height: 600

    WorkerScript {
        id: myWorker
        source: "script.js"

    Item {
        id: container
        anchors.fill: parent

    Component.onCompleted: myWorker.sendMessage({ 'container':container })


WorkerScript.onMessage = function(message) {

    // error occur in this below line with TypeError: Result of expression 'Qt.createComponent' [undefined] is not a function.

    var component = Qt.createComponent("Imgbox.qml");  

    if (component.status == Component.Ready) {
        var img = component.createObject(message.container);


import QtQuick 1.0

Image {
    id: img
    source: "./img.jpg"; clip: true


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Components cannot be created in a thread. If it is just the cost of loading the image that is the problem, you can load them in the background by setting asynchronous: true

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