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I have rendered a hidden column using the fnRender function like this

"aTargets": [0],
"fnRender": function ( oObj ) {
return '<input id="test" name="test" value="'+ oObj.aData[0] +'" type="hidden" />';

and under aoColumns have defined null for it.

Now this field shows up as a column in the Datatables, which I do not want.

I tried the attribute bVisible:false , but that also removes it from rendering , hence I am unable to get the value from the hidden field.

Please help.

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You need to hide the first column only :

"aoColumnDefs": [
    { "bVisible":    false, "aTargets": [0]}
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Yes , I tried this hides the column entirely,hence I am unable to get the value of the hidden field. – Vivek Nov 7 '11 at 6:23
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Did a workaround , clubbed the value of the hidden field with a visible field with a expression "#" in between.

Performing a split on the String retrieved to get the value of the hidden field.

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