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Is there a way to inherit from a baseclass by using the generic type paramater?

public class Extra<BASE> extends BASE

So that Extra is the new class having all the methods of BASE, like




That is disappointing. I'm moving a project from C++ to JAVA. In C++ this is possible, sadly I used this a lot in this project.

Is there another way to achieve that:

A class has its own userdata-class. It needs the members of its userdata linked with a special functionality, that is given by an other class. The other class is extending the first userdata-class. I don't want to have the userdata as a data member in the new class, but really as a part of it.



String name;

special-functionality-class: a generic TreeKnot,

The new class then should be a TreeKnot combined with the userdata-class.

What way could I go ?

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No, it is not possible you can create something like this

public class Extra extends Base<Base>

But what do you want it is not possible at all!!!!

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No, it's not possible. Type templating and inheritance are two completely different concepts.

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Ok. Now, I think my approach isn't a good design at all. I changed the code.In the end, this kind of inheritance wasn't necessary. Thank a lot. –  user1029536 Nov 4 '11 at 18:58

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