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I am using pywinauto in windows 7 and I am searching for a way to find the available dialogs and controls of an application.The following is an example:

from pywinauto import application
import time

app.connect_(title_re = ".*Notepad", class_name = "Notepad")

You can start or connect to an application with pywinauto.But I don't know how can I find whats available in notepad.Any ideas ? Thanks.

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This is working for me. Source: http://pywinauto.github.io/docs/getting_started.html

from pywinauto import application

app = application.Application.Start("Notepad.exe")

Or you can use Swapy to see all controls and class names

enter image description here

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You can find what available in app by executing print_control_identifiers(). Try this code :

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that doesn't work. TypeError: '_DynamicAttributes' object is not callable – Arkady Mar 17 '15 at 16:49

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