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I have just migrated web application from Tomcat6 to Tomcat7. But after this errors that appeared in application are logged to 'stderr.log' file. When I have used Tomcat6 errors and output were logged to 'stdout.log' file. So I was able to see every information I need in one(stdout.log) file.

How to 'tell' Tomcat7 to log errors and output to 'stdout.log' file as it was in Tomcat6?

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I have the problem the other way round. Tomcat 6 is redirecting stderr to stdout. But I want the channels to be separated. ;) –  Eduard Wirch Nov 14 '11 at 11:48

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Have a look at the logging.properties file in the conf/ directory of your Tomcat Installation. This is the point where the general logging is configured.

It is in the java.util.logging format.

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