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I have a Datagrid with a TemplateColumn, which contains a TextBox. When the user presses Enter with Focus on the TextBox, I want to fire a server side event such as TextChanged.

For this, I run a script on the TextBox, injected in the code behind.

txt.Attributes.Add("onkeydown", String.Format("javascript:if (event.keyCode == 13)__doPostBack('{0}', '');", txt.ClientID));

The script is properly attached to the control but the server side event is never fired. It's defined as:

public void txt_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

I also tried __doPostBack('{0}', 'TextChanged').

So, the postback is fired but the event is never called.

Any idea on what may be wrong here?

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you can try like this...

you can use the GetPostbackEventReference method of the Page object to register the ASP.NET server control which can create the postback using a client-side callback.


Then, you can use the __dPostBack event to fire the TextChanged event of the date picker control (txt_sssn_dt). This code had been placed inside the date picker JavaScript function, and it would be fired every time the user selects a date from the date picker.

__doPostBack("txt_sssn_dt", "TextChanged");

It was also necessary to write a simple JavaScript function to handle the situation when the user just wanted to type the date directly into the date picker (txt_sssn_dt). you can write a JavaScript function called DoPostBack() for this.

function DoPostBack()
   __doPostBack("txt_sssn_dt", "TextChanged");

you have to call this function on the OnChange event of the date picker control.

          "javascript:return DoPostBack()")

Taken From here :JavaScriptAndServerEvents

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This didn't work, in my scenario, but I managed to make it work in another way. Thank you for the help. –  Dante Nov 14 '11 at 15:03

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