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I noticed that yesterday all the Fixed-width canvas apps started looking strange: the Facebook chrome is pushed away from the canvas and takes up all the browser page's width, as it does for Fluid-width apps (see Farmville for example).

Is this a permanent behavior, or a bug?

If it's not a bug, is it documented anywhere? I could not find any info on that on Facebook's developer documentation.

(Most fixed width apps look kind of strange right now)



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I just noticed this as well, and had the same question if it was intentional or not. I can confirm that they are still restricting it to 760px width at least. – Jasper Rosenberg Nov 4 '11 at 12:53

Facebook have added fluid width to all canvas applications.

You can find it if you go to:

  2. Edit Settings
  3. Settings -> Advanced
  4. Canvas Settings -> Canvas Width (Fixed sets the canvas page width to 760 pixels. Fluid left aligns the canvas page and sets the width dynamically to fill the page.)

Interesting links:

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This was indeed a permanent behavior, though not documented beforehand.

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