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I am using telerik grid for mvc in operation mode and i want find the sort and filter event that is when i click the column header for sorting the sort event is called and i want to reset a certain variable when sort is called how can i do that...

The click event is not being recognized when i click on the header part dont know why but some how its being cancelled

i have tried binding it explicitly and tried namespacing the event but it didnt work






couldn't capture it with

 $(".thead").live("click.namespace", function (e) {

or if i do

  $(document).click(function (e) {

works well with clicks on the table cell but when click on the column header nothing gets logged

enter image description here

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.ClientEvents(events => events.OnDataBinding("yourFunction"))

function yourFunction() {
    alert("the grid is being databound - sort, filter, grouping or refresh has been used.");
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