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So I was writing a little method to get some data out of a database for propel-based symfony-1.1 project, and all was easy, great, and neat.

But someone egregiously decided to store an integer into a varchar field, which results in a wrong order, e.g. {1, 17, 5}, and not numeric one I was expecting, e.g. {1, 5, 17}.

I know that the best way would be to redesign my schema.yml, but alas this just is not an option right now. So I was wondering if there is a way to cast said varchar field as an integer without harming the propel-approach too much.

This is the sorting function:

public static function getFooData($column = 'FooPeer::ID', $orderBy = 'asc') {
    //FIXME: Sort varchar fields as integer, needed for FooPeer::REQUESTS

    $c = new Criteria();

    if ($orderBy == 'asc') {
    } else {

    return FooPeer::doSelect($c);
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What about:

$c->addAscendingOrderByColumn('CAST('.$column.' AS UNSIGNED)');
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Thank you very much. This works. I would upvote you if I only could ;) – k0pernikus Nov 7 '11 at 12:34

Just for interest, you could also have written a view for this, and build your model on top of the view rather than the table. Assuming you're writing to the table with Propel, this solution requires the platform to support writable views (I'm not sure they all do, but perhaps that assumption is out of date).

This is often a good/quick technique where you're not sure how to do something in Propel, or where it is really awkward. It's saved me a few times, even though it's not every purist's cup of tea.

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