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I'm in the process of choosing a Framework for a new project. I have basically the database schema developed(I have this schema running in other PHP webapps already).

In this project I will need to basically search the database schema with Solr. The database schema is a little bit complex to define models in Django, so I think the only option I have is to execute SQL directly... my doubt is about Haystack/Solr... It is possible to query Haystack/Solr when I have no Django Models defined?

PS: I'm new to Django, I have never userd Haystack.

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Haystack is pretty tightly coupled to the Django ORM. If you're not using Django models, I don't think Haystack is suitable. I've only used Haystack briefly, so I might wrong.

From the Haystack docs:

When should I not be using Haystack?
Non-Model-based data. If you just want to index random data (flat files, alternate sources, etc.), Haystack isn’t a good solution. Haystack is very Model-based and doesn’t work well outside of that use case.

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If you don't have models, you can just query Solr directly. –  Daniel Roseman Nov 4 '11 at 14:00

I never used haystack, but you can always perform raw sql queries.

Have a look on documentation:


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