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Will corkscrew let me run command-line programs on my remote servers?

EG, I want "https://user@cmd.barrycarter.info/date/+%Y/" to prompt me for a 401-style password (ie, my standard login password), and then return an HTTP page with just "2011" on it.

I've been reading about sshd's ProxyCommand, but am not sure I understand it.

General whining:

  • I'm often at a client's and need ssh access to my server. Some of my clients can/will/have installed putty, but many haven't and won't. They don't have a problem with my visiting webpages (I can't convince them that installing putty is much safer than visiting certain webpages).

  • From home, I use SSH keys to access my machine, but still allow the username/password authentication method.

  • I realize this seems really insecure, although it's probably no less secure than running ssh from the command line using username/password.

  • I realize I could write a CGI that does all this, but am wondering if there's an existing solution. Plus, I'd like to run the "ssh web server" on its own port with nothing else + don't want to fire up two copies of lighttpd (assuming that's even possible).

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As you've described it, I think your problem would need you to write a custom CGI.

Maybe you could use portaputty instead?

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Unfortunately, clients aren't always comfortable with my plugging USB drives into their machines, either. They usually become comfortable later, but I often need ssh access early in the process. –  barrycarter Nov 4 '11 at 15:01
Sheesh... then maybe they'd be okay with you downloading portaputty and running it? You'd have to reenter your session details each time, but that's not too bad. –  Andrew Schulman Nov 4 '11 at 15:03
At first, my clients really don't want me putting anything on their machine at all. Maybe I should say "prospective clients". Once they hire me, they're OK w/ my doing stuff (because that's what they pay me for) –  barrycarter Nov 4 '11 at 15:53

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