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How can i add reverse substring for "test.csv.txt" this type of files using javascript?

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WWHHHUUUAAAATTTT !!?!? –  billy Nov 4 '11 at 14:22

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Billy's comment summed up your question quite nicely if I'm honest, but I'll have a go.

By reverse substring, do you mean starting from the start, up to your index?

str.substr(0, length);

Maybe you want to remove it from the last .?

var str = "test.csv.txt";
str.substr(0, str.lastIndexOf('.')); // "test.csv"

"for this type of files"? Perhaps you only want to do this when there are two .s?

if(str.split(/\./g).length > 2) //only executes if there are 2 or more dots
  str.substr(0, str.lastIndexOf('.'));
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