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I have a main class:

public class Foo {
  public Collection<Object> items;

Now I'm adding a new element to this items collection, in runtime:

public class Item {

And I'm expecting a call to marshal(Item) in ItemAdapter during marshalling of Foo:

public class ItemAdapter extends XmlAdapter<String, Item> {
  public String marshal(final Item item) {
    return "hello";

But this call is not happening, instead I'm getting this exception:

[com.sun.istack.SAXException2: unable to marshal type "Item" as 
an element because it is missing an @XmlRootElement annotation]

What am I doing wrong? Keep in mind that Foo.items may contain elements of other types, not only Item.

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add @XmlRootElement to Item class :D – hellzone Nov 4 '13 at 15:14

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