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I got a datagrid(dg) which is bound with an observable collection of POCO [Name(string), value(int), isReady(bool)]

I need to let the name being editable so my DataGrid has <data:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellEditingTemplate> wich contains a TextBox.

when committing the edit, I need to call a WCF Service to validate the name. That's what I am doing in CellEditEnded.

But when the name is not valid, how can I:

  1. Display an error on the datagrid (searching a solution with ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors but can't succeed)
  2. Put the cell back in edit mode.

Here's why I can't validate in the POCO:

  1. DataGrid is in edit mode
  2. By double clicking on a cell, the label containing the data becomes a TextBox. I'm now in edit mode
  3. I insert an error. An assynchronous validation is launched. DataGrid is back in display mode
  4. the assync is finished, I raised my error, but nothing happens (visually I mean) because ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors does not seems to work on label.

And more, as I know there is an error, if I enter back in edit mode, I get a really strange display telling there is 1 Error and when enterring this state, I can't get out of edit mode, whatever I do...


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(sorry for my bad english) I would recomend that you do not use the grid event to validate your data - do this on your POCO properties setter - its cleaner, easier to mantain and if you use this POCO with another control your validation will still work.

Since you need to access a service to validate the value, your best bet is to implement the interface INotifyDataErrorInfo, that allows you to make asynchronous validation, look here: and here

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That was a nice and elegant idea, but it doesn't work. I edited my question to explain why. – Pit Ming Nov 7 '11 at 9:14
It is nice and elegant and it does work :) - You just need to understand how. Since you know when the async call end that you have an Error, you can do something to warn the user. If you enter edit mode with an invalid value, the datagrid will not let you exit the field until you inform a valid value (maybe when you detect an invalid value you can clear that value so this do not happen). Look here a basic implementation (valid Names are "" or "VALID") – Leo Nov 7 '11 at 12:52
How did you reach to get your label working with ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors ? – Pit Ming Nov 7 '11 at 16:44
I used an DataGridTemplateColumn with a Label (not a TextBlock) with a custom style that define VisualStates for when the value is invalid... here is a basic sample, is far from complete or tested but it will give you an idea: – Leo Nov 7 '11 at 19:25

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