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Here is what I want to do:

  • create two sockets S1 and S2
  • redirect the output of S1 to the input of S2
  • redirect the output of S2 to the input of S1

In C, I would have take a look somewhere around "dup2" and others, but I really do not know how I can do that in Perl.

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Look at the documentation for open() -- all of the functionality of dup() can be done with open - e.g.:

open(my $fh2, '<&=', $fh1); # makes $fh2 a dup of file handle $fh1

On the other hand, I think you can accomplish your goal by making a distinction between read handles and write handles. I.e., in your code don't use the same socket handle for both reading and writing - use different variables/instance members/parameters to specify a read handle and a write handle. Example - instead of:

sub foo {
  my ($sock) = @_;
  my $x = <$sock>;
  print {$sock} ...;

write your code like this:

sub foo {
  my ($rh, $wh) = @_;
  my $x = <$rh>;   # use $rh for reading
  print {$wh} ...; # use $wh for writing

Then if you really can use the same socket, you call foo with foo($sock, $sock). However, if you want to use two different sockets, then you can it with foo($s1, $s2).

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