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I have an ASCX control that has to render Silverlight dynamically. The dynamic code works in a non-MVC environment, however when I try to load the silverlight into an MVC ASCX, I get a ScriptManager error. However, my main aspx page does reference the masterpage, which has a script manager. I just need the control to realize that there will be a scriptmanager once it is plugged into the main page. I am trying to use a ScriptManagerProxy, but it is still looking for the ScriptManager. So, I think my biggest problem is getting the control to recognize the masterpage from the main page. Hopefully this explains my problem properly. If you need any code snippets, I can provide them

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The problem was more of me being narrow-sighted by another developer's previous work. Silverlight content was being hosted via an <ASP:Silverlight> object, and I had assumed that this was necessary in order for it to be dynamic. However, looking at it closer I saw that I could just as easily use an object tag as is typical for silverlight. This resolved all of my issues surrounding the ability for the content to load. – Justin Pihony Nov 4 '11 at 18:42

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I don't think you should be using ScriptManager with MVC. ScriptManager is for Web Forms. There is a 3rd party one for MVC

I don't know that I quite understand what you are trying to accomplish. But you can use an IFrame (yuck) in your MVC page to display an aspx page.

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I did end up not using the ScriptManager as I had already commented on. Thanks! – Justin Pihony Dec 30 '11 at 2:34

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