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I have a lot of gems (in a Rails 2.3 app) in the vendor/ directory. These are frozen in using rake. I'd like to move to Bundlr.

What's the best way of migrating these gems?

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Bundler will allow you to install specific versions of your gems:

While I don't know of a way to auto-generate a Gemfile from your existing frozen gems, you can definitely do a quick audit of the versions of the gems you are using and then setup a Gemfile which will bundle in the exact same gems.

Here's info on setting up Rails 2.3 with Bundler:

Remember to remove all of your config.gem declarations from your environments. These should all be specified in the Gemfile now in the right format for bundler.

If you want your new gems to be stored in your repository for easy access (and faster install/deployment), check out bundle package:

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