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I'm trying to draw elements to a canvas and then allow the user to resize them by clicking and dragging them. I've implemented this with Kinetic JS library, but my development team is moving over to Easel JS.

Here is the code with the Kinetic library.

This works well enough.

I get about this far in Easel JS, but this code doesn't do anything. The canvas is totally blank. I realize that I'm not sure how to:

  • call mouse events -- here I'm trying to attach them to the DOM element, as in this tutorial
  • where to set the resize function -- separate function? called within the tick() function?
  • grab the mouse coordinates
    var canvas;
var stage;
var rect;

var mousePos = new Point(); 
var update = true;

var rectX = 10;
var rectY = 10;
var rectW = 100;
var rectH = 50;
var rectXOffset = 50;
var rectYOffset = 50;

var newWidth;
var newHeight;

function init() {
    // create stage and point it to the canvas:
    canvas = document.getElementById("testCanvas");
    stage = new Stage(canvas);

    // overlay canvas used to draw target and line
    canvasWrapper = $("#testCanvas");

    // listen for a mouse down event

    // listen for mouse up event

    // enable touch interactions if supported on the current device:
    if (Touch.isSupported()) { Touch.enable(stage); }

    // enabled mouse over / out events

    // start drawing instructions
    var rect = new Shape();

    // add rectangle to stage

    // render stage

    // set the tick interval to 24 fps

    // listen for tick event
    Tick.addListener(window, true);

    // pause


//called when user clicks on canvas
function onMouseDown(e) {

    mousePos.x = e.stageX;
    mousePos.y = e.stageY

    // check to see if mouse is within offset of rectangle
    if(mousePos.x <= (rectW + rectXOffset) || mousePos.y <= (rectH + rectYOffset)) {
        // set update to true
        update = true;

        // unpause tick



function onMouseUp(e) {
    update = false;

function tick() {
    // this set makes it so the stage only re-renders when an event handler indicates a change has happened.
    if (update) {
       if(mousePos.x - rectX < 50) 
        newWidth = 50;
       } else {
        newWidth = mousePos.x - rectX;
       if(mousePos.y - rectY < 50) 
        newHeight = 50;
       } else {
        newHeight = mousePos.y -rectY;
        rectW = newWidth;
        rectH = newHeight;



        // add rectangle to stage

        update = false; // only update once

I know it shouldn't be this difficult and would appreciate any help.

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Have you looked at fabric.js Moving and resizing objects is built-in so it should be trivial to implement what you're describing. Take a look at kitchensink demo. –  kangax Nov 6 '11 at 4:43
Also, which elements are you drawing on canvas? With fabric you can draw simple shapes, as well as images and even complex shapes from SVG (not all SVG can be parsed successfully but simple shapes work well). –  kangax Nov 6 '11 at 4:44
The link above for fabric is outdated. This is the new location. –  David Granado Mar 27 '13 at 3:00

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