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Is there a more dynamic way to rename all prefixes in a database within phpmyadmin, rather than manually typing to replace the name for each table? I have about 50 tables to change prefixes on...Maybe I should grab a snickers bar?

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Easier way...same steps, but let the script delete the tables for you. Much faster on large database sites like JOOMLA or WORDPRESS.

In PHPMYADMIN choose Custom output. Under Object Creation Options, check the box to ADD DROP TABLE / .... Export to text or file as usual, open in preferred text editor (Notepad++)

You will notice there are two lines for each table now...

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS prefix_tablename;


Two quick steps, we're done.


Search and replace all 'prefix_' with 'theprefixyouwant_' This should now look like:

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS 'theprefixyouwant_'

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS 'theprefixyouwant_'

Two: Search and replace all

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS 'theprefixyouwant_'



Save. Run / import SQL. Done.

This WILL delete all your original tables without prompting. Make certain you have a safe DB backup on file just in case of emergencies. As with the original solution, do this at your own risk, however I just did it on three small production sites without issue.



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Have all the corresponding tables in phpMyadmin ticked and select With Selected..->Replace table prefix

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Nice. This one's a faster way. :D –  jehzlau Sep 11 at 10:55

I solved it! It's easy as downloading the sql file from phpmyadmin. Opening the file in Notepad++. Search and Replace all Prefixes (i.e. etc_ with dem_). Then save the sql file. Change the prefix values within your php code that is communicating with the database. Then go back to your database, back it up. Then delete all the tables and install the .sql file you just modified in notepad++. Easy!

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This is also the method that I'm using. Haha :D –  jehzlau Sep 11 at 10:55

Check the tables you wish to change (shift click works for lists) Scroll to the bottom of your tables and open the "With Selected:" dropdown and choose "Replace table prefix" Fill in the from and too box and click submit.

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1.Click/open the database
2.click Structure--at the top bar - it will display all your tables --> note the existing prefix

3.Scroll to the bottom -- to the last table
4.Click "Check all" -- will check all tables
5.Click the drop down menu just adjacent - with default value "with selected"
6.Select "Replace table prefix:"

--------hopefully you will be brought to a new page with two text inputs

7.Fill your existing prefix e.g "oldPrefi_" <--don't forget the underscore
8.Fill your new prefix e.g "newPrefi_" <--don't forget the underscore
9.Finally click submit

--------hopefully it will work and you will be redirected to your tables list with the new prefix


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