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Need a second set of eyes. I am getting the following error:

1>c:\users\thom\documents\cworkspace\barnaby\barnaby\timezone.h(15): error C2065: 'TransitionTimeInfo' : undeclared identifier

Here is the line of code on which I'm receiving the error:

Timezone(std::vector<LeapSecondsInfo> &leapSecondsVector, std::vector<unsigned char> &localTimeTypes, std::vector<P6::UINT8>  &stdWallIndicators, &std::vector<unsigned long> &transitionTimes, std::vector<TransitionTimeInfo> &transitionTimesInfo, std::vector<P6::UINT8> &utcLocalIndicators){

This is the line for the constructor for my class. This file has the following include:

#include "stdafx.h"

And here is the salient part of the stdafx.h:

#include "targetver.h"
#include "barnaby.h"
#include "LeapSecondsInfo.h"
#include "p6types.h"
#include "Timezone.h"
#include "TransitionTimeInfo.h"

And here is TransitionTimeInfo.h:

class TransitionTimeInfo
    TransitionTimeInfo(long gmtOffset, bool daylightSavings, unsigned int abbreviationIndex){
    virtual ~TransitionTimeInfo(void) {};

    unsigned int getAbbreviationIndex(){
        return abbreviationIndex;

    void setAbbreviationIndex(unsigned int newVal){
        abbreviationIndex = newVal;

    bool isDaylightSavings(){
        return daylightSavings;

    void setDaylightSavings(bool newVal){
        daylightSavings = newVal;

    long getGmtOffset(){
        return gmtOffset;

    void setGmtOffset(long newVal){
        gmtOffset = newVal;
    long            gmtOffset;
    bool            daylightSavings;
    unsigned int    abbreviationIndex;

What's more, if I click on the type name and hit F12 (Visual C++) it takes me to this file.

Any ideas?


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Stupid question: I don't understand this bit std::vector<P6::UINT8> &std::vector<unsigned long> &transitionTimes - that's typeA &typeB &argName? What does that represent, a vector of vectors? (Actually I'm thinking now it's a typo, there should be another arg name and a comma in there, I'm just checking I still remember my C++) –  Rup Nov 4 '11 at 17:09
Yeah, typo. Sorry. good catch! –  The Thom Nov 4 '11 at 17:24
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Change the order of includes:

#include "TransitionTimeInfo.h"
#include "Timezone.h"

The Timezone.h uses TransitionTimeInfo but the "TransitionTimeInfo.h" is included after it.

Ideally, You should always follow the rule:

Each file should include all the header files it needs and not rely on them getting included indirectly through some other files.

So, You should include "TransitionTimeInfo.h" in "Timezone.h".

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Better yet, fix the inclusions so that each file stands on its own. (E.g. include TransitionTimeInfo.h in Timezone.h.) –  Kerrek SB Nov 4 '11 at 17:07
DOH!!!!! Thanks, man. Knew it had to be something stoopid. –  The Thom Nov 4 '11 at 17:08
Yeah, well, when in Rome. I'm building a DLL and this is the Microsoft Recommendation. I'm trying to be compliant. :( –  The Thom Nov 4 '11 at 17:09
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