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This exception occurs when I want to access a PDF file and print it: access denied ( write)

To access file and print is all within one function and I am using JS/PHP button to access this applet function. The applet and JS/PHP work communicating between each other. There was a read fileDFpermissionexception before but I figured I can use the File class method setReadable(true); and that worked.

Unfortunately setWritable(true) does not. I have also included a policy file and signed my jar, so I am not sure whats going on here. I have read little so far but perhaps this code can help me?: { public Object run() {

Not even sure what it does so any help with this question would be great

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You're looking into right direction - actions that requier an approval from SecurityManager (like file operations) should be executed from PrivilegedAction in applets. Then if all the code is trusted (signed and certificate installed in browser), that would work.

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I thought that PrivilegedAction() was used by trusted code to say to the SecurityManager "even if I'm being invoked by untrused code, this bit right here is still OK to do". – Matthew Cline Nov 4 '11 at 18:44

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