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I'm trying to run the in app billing sample code. I try to change the package name from com.example.dungeons to com.mydomain.dungeons. I change the package name by right clicking on the project name, then Android Tools ==> Rename Application Package. After I enter the new package name, I get a bunch of warnings because it adds an import to every class file like so:

import com.mydomain.dungeons.R;

What does this line mean? Also, I notice the package declaration for each class is still:

package com.example.dungeons
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You just told the Android tools that your package changed. This caused the ADT to re-generate the R class with the new package declaration and changed the package in AndroidManifest.xml; it also updated all references to the R class in your code for you.

You still have to actually rename the package declarations in your code, preferably by using an Eclipse refactoring (right click on the package, etc.).

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Eclipse automatically adds the import for R. If your files are in the root package, these imports are not necessary. Delete them if you want. –  Krylez Nov 4 '11 at 17:58

eclipse import your ID of elements. and you have standard android elements(layout, Widgets etc)


eclipse create R file, when you you clean project (project>clean)

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