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I'm trying to use Google's Custom Search API through the Google API Ruby client. I have setup my API key through the Google API console, and have also created my CSE. Based on the documentation, it seems that, as long as I provide an API key (which I am doing), I shouldn't need an OAuth2 authentication token to call the list method. However, when I try to execute the code below, I get the following error:

ArgumentError: Missing access token.

What am I missing? Here's my code:

# create client
client = Google::APIClient.new

# Fetch discovery doc
search = client.discovered_api('custom search')

# Call list method
response = client.execute(
  search.cse.list, 'key' => '<my API key>', 'cx' => '<my CSE id>', 'alt' => 'json', 'q' => 'hello world'
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I believe this is in fact a bug in the client (it's in alpha). After fiddling with it a little more, I've found a workaround:

just after creating the client object, assign it a "dummy" access token:

client.authorization.access_token = '123'

then you can call the search.cse.list method without getting the 'ArgumentError: Missing access token.' error.

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You could also just do client.authorization = nil. This will tell google to rely on api key rather than credentials. stackoverflow.com/a/10825773/838874 –  Agent47DarkSoul Oct 2 '13 at 7:27
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If you're just after using Google CSE with ruby, try google-cse. I just built the gem, although I've been using it for a while privately. Much easier to work with than the alpha client

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