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Im using a jquery countdown timer mixed with php. here is an example of the code.

                    $time = new DateTime($buy->{$i}->end_date);
                    $deal_time = $time->format('Y, m, d');
                    echo '<script type="text/javascript">';
                    echo 'jQuery(function () {';
                    echo "var date = new Date ('".$deal_time."' );";
                    echo "jQuery('#countdown-timer-".$buy->{$i}->id."').countdown( {until: date, timezone: -4} );";
                    echo '  });';
                    echo '</script>'; ?>
                            <div id="countdown_timer_wrap-<?php echo $buy->{$i}->id;?>" class="countdown_timer_wrap" style="top:-10px; left:10px;"> <span class="countdown_timer_label"></span> <span id="countdown-timer-<?php echo $buy->{$i}->id;?>" class="countdown-timer"></span> </div>

The date that is passed thru comes from another website VIA API. This timer functions fine in all browsers except IE.

IE gets NaN:NaN:NaN any help would be appreciated.

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Try to change time format to Y/m/d or look this for more information

I have similar problem soon in IE and Saphari and changing the time format was the solution for me.

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thanks for the help :) – Jason Gugg Nov 4 '11 at 18:30

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