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I have a (date time) stored in database in this format 2011-10-12 02:01:24

when retrieve this date i want to extract that date so i can show the day or month without the other date value

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You can use date & time functions of MySQL or PHP functions like strtotime().

For instance, with strtotime():

$timestamp = strtotime('2011-10-12 02:01:24');

echo 'The month is '.date('F', $timestamp).' and the day number is '.date('d', $timestamp);

Will outputs:

The month is October and the day number is 12

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here is the code i use: $date_of_post = $r->date_nw; $month = MONTHNAME('$date_of_post'); $timestamp = strtotime('$date_of_post'); echo 'The month is '.date('F', $timestamp).' and the day number is '.date('d', $timestamp); ($r->date_nw;) this is the date retrieved from database, and it prints data when echo it ( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined function MONTHNAME() in E:\Files\Local machine\hi5tyle_ci\application\views\inner_page.php on line 31 –  ahmedsaber111 Nov 4 '11 at 18:34
You confuse MySQL and PHP functions. The simpler way to do what you want it's to get the date with MySQL, simply, and just apply the PHP strtotime() function on it. –  Nicolas Nov 4 '11 at 18:39
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I solve this with this code:

in my view

    $date_of_post = $r->date_nw;    
    $date = $date_of_post; // 6 october 2011 2:28 pm
    $stamp = strtotime($date); // outputs 1307708880

    <?php echo date("d", $stamp); ?> // it prints out the day only
    <?php echo date("M", $stamp); ?> // it prints out the Month only like (Oct)
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