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I am using SDL in my playground project and i am a bit worried about my PC performance - it is too high or I am just wandering.

The thing is, when I change the coordinates of some sprite when the key on keyboard is down, for example, by 2 px the sprite moves too fast. And the same is valid for 1 px velocity.

Usually (in SFML) I do the next velocity changes: 1.f / App->GetTimeSinceLastFrame() and it works just perfectly! But now I wanna use SDL. And I can not choose delays because they will not be identical on different PCs (and that is a very ugly way for sure) or float-value conversions because of the next reason.

Doing lastTicks = SDL_GetTicks() and then using 1.f / (float) SDL_GetTicks() - lastTicks() does the bad job - that difference is always zero. So either I am mistaken or the time between two frames is so small that it is rounded to 0.

Can anyone give me an advice what should I do?

NOTE: change SDL to xxx is not a good advice ;)

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SDL_GetTicks is millisecond only resolution, so for high fps the difference will be mostly zero (so rounded in a sense but should accumulate and be one once in a while). make sure you only use one call, so cur=get();diff=cur-last;last=cur;. a higher resolution timing method might also be helpful. –  jozxyqk Aug 11 '14 at 12:47

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It doesn't make sense to do more than 60 fps (monitor refresh rate). You are only wasting CPU time. Call SDL_Delay if your game is running too fast.

    int delay=1000/maxFPS-SDL_GetTicks()+lastTicks;

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To add to this answer: be careful to check input/events after the delay in the main loop. v-sync behaves differently but I'm similarly frustrated at 10-30ms mouse movement delays in certain 3d apps, especially games. –  jozxyqk Aug 11 '14 at 13:01

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