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I'm reading Solr 1.4: Enterprise Search Server and there's a section on enhanced searching that I am a bit stuck on how to get the query to behave in the way described by the book.

In the book, it has what I assume a query,

t_name:Daydreaming && _val_:"t_trm_lookups"^0.01

I'm trying to emulate this query in my own Solr but I get an error when I try.


undefined field symbol


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I guess you are trying to assign weights to fields . And that syntax seems like Lucene (instead of Solr). But I could be totally wrong. – aitchnyu Nov 7 '11 at 8:28

Do you have a field name t_trm_lookups (type int or sint) in the schema.xml that you are using to get the boost on ?

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