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I have a table with a blob field that stores photos in jpg format.

Is there any way to direct fill the Dataset with the OracleDataAdapter?


My code in vb.net

Dim oAdp As OracleDataAdapter
Dim v_oDs As DsSubRegistro <- My Dataset

oAdp = New OracleDataAdapter(myConnection.sqlCmd("SELECT * FROM ..."))
With oAdp.TableMappings.Add(Common.DbDataAdapter.DefaultSourceTableName, v_oDs.Foto.TableName).ColumnMappings
    .Add("NU_ANO", "NU_ANO")
    .Add("NU_PID", "NU_PID")
    .Add("NU_RIC", "NU_RIC")
    .Add("NU_VIAS", "NU_VIAS")
    .Add("IM_FOTO", "IM_FOTO") <-- My blob field
End With

When I use the code above I get the error: Inconvertible type mismatch between SourceColumn 'IM_FOTO' of Byte[] and the DataColumn 'IM_FOTO' of Byte.

v_oDs.Foto.TableName, Foto is my Datatable.

IM_FOTO on my dataset use System.Byte DataType.

Thank you.

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IM_FOTO on your dataset needs to be a byte array (System.Byte()) to hold the blob contents, but you only have it declared as a single Byte.

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But VS2005 have System.Byte and System.SByte and I get error with both. –  Victor Santos Nov 4 '11 at 19:01
System.Byte is correct, but you need to declare it as an array: System.Byte(). Sorry, I used C# in my original response, I will fix that. –  competent_tech Nov 4 '11 at 19:11
Thank you very much. I had to put () manually and it worked. –  Victor Santos Nov 4 '11 at 20:12
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