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I have a UILabel control (title) in a UITableViewCell (cell) where I set the font to bold using the following

cell.title.font=[UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:self.textFontSize];

How do I change the font back to normal/regular weight?

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You don't "remove boldness from font", you assign a new, non-bold font to UILabel. – Seva Alekseyev Nov 4 '11 at 19:08
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You can use the systemFontOfSize method on UIFont.

cell.title.font=[UIFont systemFontOfSize:self.textFontSize];
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Am I missing something?

cell.title.font=[UIFont systemFontOfSize:self.textFontSize];
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As others have said, you indeed just reassign font to a non-bold version of the font. As an additional note, if you don't have self.textFontSize available anymore (or it may have changed), you could do:

cell.title.font=[UIFont systemFontOfSize:cell.title.font.pointSize];

If the system font was just an example (and it could be an arbitrary bold font), then you could try to get the familyName of the existing font and use that in hopes of constructing a new non-bold version.

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