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I am trying to access each individual element, ie option, defined for a list box (or drop down box).

For some reason the code I am using is not working. It is given below---

$(jQuery('input', $(this).parent('form'))).each(function() {
        element= $(this);

            textmsg=" Element # " + (count+1) + "...Name of this input element = " + $(this).attr('name') + " multiplechoice-" +  $(this).attr('multiple');
            textmsg= textmsg + "...Also, for this element, the value is " + $(this).val() + " and type =" +  $(this).attr('type');
            alert (textmsg);
         var listofoptions = new Array();
         if(type=="select")//this means we have to go through the children for this select element, to obtain the values for each option
             var elements= $('option', this);
             for(var i=0; i<elements.length; i++)
                // add $(this).val() to your list

                alert("Value of this option=" + $elements[i].val()); 


How do I make the above code work? Or can you suggest an alternative way of accessing each option value? Thanks...

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In order to select all inputs you would need to use the :input selector and not just $('input') as this will select inputs by tag name and the select will be excluded.

So do


Also, since there's no type attribute on a select element. You could use .is() instead to check if it's a select.


Edit: for the if statement i would do the following

if( $(this).is('select') )
       alert( $(this).val() );    

Here's a fiddle

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@Intersellar_Coder - I changed the initial jquery call as per your comment, I also changed the 'if' condition as per your answer- now the if condition is -- if ($(this).is('select')) -- however still I am not able to obtain any option value... Is this due to error in following-- --var elements= $('option', this);-- or is it something else... Thanks... –  Arvind Nov 4 '11 at 21:27
Arvind check my edit. –  aziz punjani Nov 4 '11 at 21:33

the select tag is not an input so it would never be a part of the selection

You could try

$("input, select")
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