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I need to convert uitableviewcontroller to uiviewcontroller. It's not a problem in < xcode 4.2.

Normally I just need to change the .h (header file) to :UIViewController and in IB, remove the connected UITableView outlet and connect the new UIView to view outlet.

In Xcode 4.2, I cannot remove the connected UITableView. It's gray out. Is it imposible to convert uitableviewcontroller to uiviewcontroller in xcode 4.2?

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I think the problem is that when you first created your table class, you told Xcode that it will inherit from UITableViewController, so it did its black voodoo magic and connected it to corresponding NIB file. I don't know a good way to fix this other than adding a new class to your project, making it inherit from UIViewController, and just copying the code over. Maybe refactoring the names too.

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  • Create a new ViewController
  • Add a TableView to the root view of new ViewController
  • Copy the TableView from the original ViewController
  • Select the fresh TableView in your new ViewController
  • Paste ViewController

You can then delete the fresh, unused TableView

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