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I have an SQL view that is using this query:

SELECT dbo.FBAShipmentItems.ShipmentID, dbo.FBAShipmentItems.FNSKU, dbo.FBAShipmentItems.ASIN, dbo.FBAShipmentItems.Merchant, dbo.FBAShipments.ShipmentName, dbo.FBAShipments.Prep_Type, dbo.FBAShipmentItems.Quantity FROM dbo.FBAShipmentItems INNER JOIN dbo.FBAShipments ON dbo.FBAShipmentItems.ShipmentID = dbo.FBAShipments.ShipmentID

The problem is that it is only showing 56 results when I have close to 900 items in FBAShipmentItems and 51 in FBAShipments. How do I get all 900 results in my views

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I'd be pretty concened that you appear to have shipment items that are not associated with a shipment and need to use a left join. Since you have no where clause in your query, there is no filtering, so you appear to me to have a serious data integrity problem. I suppose you don't have a foreign key relationship? – HLGEM Nov 4 '11 at 21:11
@HLGEM I use the ShipmentID which is unique to the shipment. You are right the insert was inserting wrong information but has since been fixed. – Joe Tyman Nov 4 '11 at 21:24
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Use a LEFT JOIN instead of an INNER JOIN:

FROM dbo.FBAShipmentItems AS items
LEFT JOIN dbo.FBAShipments AS shipments
ON items.ShipmentID = shipments.ShipmentID

This will return all rows from FBAShipmentItems together with the matching rows from FBAShipments if there are any, otherwise NULL for all values in that table.

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And your query is much easier on the eyes as well. Aliases and formattting do makea difference. – HLGEM Nov 4 '11 at 21:15

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