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I am trying to retrieve the plant name for some parts. I usually use entity framework but I am working with the AS400 and Entity Framework was not an option for AS00. I am getting only the first value found in the join. Parts with the same id can be made in different plants.

Actual Data
Part Table    PartDetails Table

  • partid-1234, plant4
  • partid-1234, plant5
  • partid-1234, plant6

What the query returns
Part Table    PartDetails Table

  • partid-1234, plant4
  • partid-1234, plant4
  • partid-1234, plant4

 <class name="Part" table="DCSCIM" dynamic-update="false">
    <cache usage="read-write"/>
    <id name="Id" column="ITMID" type="String">
      <generator class="uuid.string"/>
    <property name="ITMDESC"/>
    <property name="ALTDESC"/>
    <property name="DTECRT"/>
    <join table="DMFPSMR">
      <key column="ITMID"/>
      <property name="PLT" column="PLT" type="String" length="100" />

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What's your question? Which query do you execute? Why do you dislike vowels? :-) –  JB Nizet Nov 4 '11 at 22:40

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You should be using collections, not join. I suggest you read the docs: http://nhibernate.info/doc/nh/en/index.html

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I ended up joining the data n the repository instead of the mapping file with Linq.

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