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In java there is class SchemaFactory which is used for schema validation but it is not available in android. Is there any other option available?

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So long as the SchemaFactory class requires no JNI code you can just import its .jar file into your Android project and use it directly.

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There is currently no XSchema support in Android. This was true in version 1.0, and I just looked at the changes in 1.5 and no changes have been made to any of the xml packages, so it appears to me it's still true. I don't have the source > 1.0 though.

In the 1.0 source code there's the following comments in various parser classes:

// TODO No XSchema support in Android 1.0. Maybe later.

So you'll have to bundle your own classes or skip schema validation altogether for now. It's probably not a high priority feature for them.

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You could try using the validator from the XML implementation directly. Either see if you can find the validator classes in whatever XML parser comes with Android, or use a standalone validator like MSV

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