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I have a table USERS with the following fields

date(datetime) email(varchar) provider(int) event(int)

I am looking for how many records there are with the same email, which occur in a specific month with a specific provider.

like for provider= x and month = y i want

email              occurs
peter@peter.com    5
peter@peter.co.uk  2

I know it should be WHERE provider= x and MONTH(date) = y, but how can i get how a count of all the emails out of the table? is it possible?

sorry if this isnt very clear! thanks for your help

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This should work:

SELECT email, COUNT(*) AS occurs
WHERE provider = x AND YEARMONTH(date) = y
GROUP BY email
HAVING occurs > 1
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that looks good! Thanks so much. –  PeterL Apr 29 '09 at 10:23

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