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Today is a sunny day

I would like to take the is and replace that with three random terms.

So: Today {was|wasn't|isn't} a sunny day

However, if is is in another string with five occurrences (say an article), I would like to replace each occurrence with a random value from {was|wasn't|isn't}

How can I accomplish this?

So far, I know you must use str_replace, with an array inside a foreach loop. However I can't get it working.

Any help with be greatly appreciated.


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Clarification: If the string contains 'is' less than 5 times, then replace with the whole block of all 3. If 'is' is found >= 5 times, then just randomly choose one of the 3 instead of replacing it with the block of 3? –  Mario Lurig Nov 4 '11 at 23:54

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Try this:

$replacements = array("was", "wasn't", "isn't");
preg_replace("/\wis\w/e", "$replacements[array_rand($replacements)]", $text);

The 'e' modifier in the searched regular expression causes the replacement string to be evaluated as PHP code. array_rand is then used to pick a random key from $replacements

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Alternative way...

$str = "Today is a sunny day";
$findme = "is";
$arr = array("was","wasn't","isn't");
 $tmp = explode("is",$str);
 $str = $tmp[0];
    $str .= array_rand($arr) . $tmp[$i];
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See this wack solution here

$d = array("was","wasn't","isn't");
$st = "Today is a sunny day, is it not?";
$arr = explode(" ", $st);

             if ($arr[$i] == "is"){
             $r =  rand(0, 2);
             $arr[$i] = $d[$r];

foreach($arr as $v){

    echo $v." ";



Today wasn't a sunny day, was it not?  
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